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What is takoyaki and how it is made in Osaka

Osaka people are very proud of their snack-like traditional food called "takoyaki". The word itself has been derived from the Japanese tako ( タコ、蛸 ) , which means octopus and the word yaku ( やく、焼く ) , which means to fry or grill.

You can find it at many places of the city, and serves as a great Japanese fast food. Takoyaki is basically a ball shaped flour and wheat based batter stuffed with tiny octopus. The enhance the flavor usually fine cut onion, mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce ( similar to Worcestershire sauce) and pickled ginger is added on the top. It is cooked in a special takoyaki frying pan that has ball shaped holes and the chef rotates them with metal sticks. Takoyaki is not only delicious but is a representative food that one definitely has to try while visiting Osaka, in addition it is sold on a reasonable price.

Making takoyaki by professionals in Osaka, Japan.

In October 2015, 6-9 balls costs ¥500, which is approximately 3-4$. Usually you can have it with brown sauce, mayonnaise or soy-sauce. I love it with a pint of a beer on the side!

A nice ball of ¥500 takoyaki ready to eat in the Dotombori area of Osaka, Japan