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Turkish Nazar Restaurant in Osaka

Fabulous meat plate in the Turkish restaurant

Almost any kind of food can be found in Osaka. Turkish dishes are not exemptions either. The place on the pictures is in the Shinsaibashi ( 心斎橋 ) district of Osaka. Usually there is a huge Turkish flag hanging outside and you need to go upstairs to get to the restaurant itself. It is not difficult to locate the place. For convenience I have included a map below.

As soon as we get to the first floor, we can find perfect Middle East atmosphere with Turkish people, dishes and music. The waiters speak some English so even if you do not speak Japanese you can order food easily.

The interior of the Turkish Nazar restaurant

The food is typical Turkish food and you can find the regular dishes there as in any other Middle East restaurant. My personal favorite is the one on the picture called Special Menu. It is a meat plate with pork, chicken and beef and there is some side dish with salad and soup as well.

The entrance of the Nazar restaurant

At the end you get a nice Turkish desert with a traditional Turkish tea. In November 2015 such a meal cost 2000 ¥ ( approximately 16 $ ).