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The highest population density in Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong island

Hong Kong is a tiny country in Southeast Asia bordered by Mainland China and the ocean. It experienced a huge development in the past 50 years, and it's population has grown rapidly. According to Wikipedia the population in 1841 was 7450 person and more than 7 million in 2011. This makes Hong Kong one of the most densely populated area on Earth.

Visiting the city for the first time is indeed a unique experience. However The average temperature above 25° and the humidity makes it a little bit difficult to absorb it.

Subway map in Hong Kong

It's official language is The Cantonese dialects of Chinese. In the same time since English and Mandarin Chinese education is compulsory most of the people speak three languages. The locals say that the older generation speaks English better the Mandarin and the younger ones are the opposite. This is probably due to the gradually extinguishing English rule and the day by day stronger mainland Chinese influence. In the same time I have experienced that the locals prefer to use English towards foreigners, probably because of the recent umbrella movement happenings.

Adverts in Hong Kong

The visitor usually doesn't have significant problem when moving around the frequently visited places, since most of the people speak English and there are many multilanguage signs. However if somebody wants to have a more authentic experience, knowing a little bit of Chinese, especially Cantonese is required. In addition I would also recommend to learn the basic characters. In Hong Kong as opposed to mainland China, similarity to Macau and Taiwan they still use traditional Chinese characters, which unfortunately a little bit difficult to master. The quality of the experience we get in Hong Kong is proportional to the knowledge of Chinese. This is because if we go to a traditional Chinese restaurant, where we can dine for less than the world average, they are not really prepared for tourists. Usually the menus are not even written in English. In such a place it is better if we are prepared a little bit , since it matters if we order the sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour frog. In case somebody is on the budget these traditional tiny restaurants are the perfect choices. In October, 2015 I could dine for HK$38 in the city center of Hong Kong. This is equivalent to approximately 4 to 5 USD. I have ordered a nice bowl of chicken soup and a tea with milk.