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Taiwan is a country where three cultures meet

Night-view of Taipei inner city district with Taipei 101

There is no complete trip to South-East Asia without a visit to Taiwan. It is indeed a fabulous place to spend a couple of days. Go hiking in the mountains, do some shopping in Taipei, check out the night markets or do some surfing.

You can easily reach Taiwan from the neighboring countries using low cost airlines. When in traveled there from Japan in August, 2015 a return ticket from Osaka to Gaoxiong cost approximately 100$ by Peach. However I have to admit that there is not much to do there. The best is to take the high speed train that reaches Taipei in about two hours.

Locals sitting in Taipei Railway Station

If you go to Taipei, I definitely recommend you to see the world wide famous Taipei 101 tower. It has been built such a way that it's structure resembles bamboo sticks. As a result, it can withstand strong tropical storms and earthquakes.

Monsoon in Taipei

Basically anywhere you stay in Taipei is convenient to travel, since taxis are fairly cheap. A short ride in the city, for instance from your hotel to Taipei 101, should not cost more then 4-5 $. The drivers speak basic English, but it is recommended that the address you want to go you is written in Chinese.