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Shenzhen Fair

Shenzhen fair

The international transportation and logistics fair is Shenzhen was organized in the exhibition center . Such companies were able to buy them their network and present their latest technologies .

Nowadays if somebody from east or southeast Asia would like to transfer some goods there are many ways of transportation to choose from. The cheapest that I was suggested is to use is sea transportation, however it can take up to 20 to 25 days from China to you Europe. I was also told that if I want to transport some goods from China to Russia or some post Soviet states the best is to use rail transportation. Currently there are very good and relatively fast train connections between the major southern Chinese cities such as Guangzhou to Zhuhai or Shenzhen and for example Moscow .

Shenzhen expo

On the other hand regarding the latest technologies there were companies that developing transportation equipment that are made of strong, solid paper which can only be used once but offers a very cost-effective way of transporting goods. Although the name of the fair was transportation and logistics fair there were many companies who were involved in international e-commerce .

The most interesting was a company that is basically a specialized school, which offered courses that are teaching various e-commerce platforms . As such you could learn the usage of eBay people Amazon or Alibaba in a matter of hours and they start from the basics and give you the best advice is that is needed to become a successful seller on the Internet . Such a course that includes 24 effective teaching hours costs about 5800 yuan which is about 1000$.