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Mount Rokko a few weeks before momiji

Mount Rokko and it's Fauna

If you take the cable car up to the top of the local mountain you can enjoy a fabulous view. The spot was named in 1985 May 25 after the emperor Showa has visited the place.

It has become a part of the Japanese heritage of night views in July 2004. I have taken the pictures in October 2015 the few weeks before momiji which is the period when the leaves get yellow and brown. The weather in October in the Kansai area is a little bit chilly but not too cold to take a trip to the mountains. When we exit the cable car we have a lot of choices to go to. For example you can take a trip to the farm nearby, you can also visit the botanical garden and a ski park.

Tiny Shrine on the Top

. I highly recommend you to have something to eat in the bar just next to the exit of the cable car seems it offers you a beautiful view to the Osaka bay. If you're lucky and the weather is good you can see the Osaka International Airport and also the Kobe international airport and the Itami airport as well. The nearest city that you might be able to see is Wakayama on the other side of the bay. Having a dinner here in general costs about 1500 to 2000 yen which is approximately US$15-US$20.

Restaurant of the top of Mount Rokko

If you would like to see the farm you need you can take a bus which will take you directly to the place or walk approximately 2.5 km from the exit of the cable car. The entrance fee for children is 200 yen and ¥500 for adults if you need more information you can click here.