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Kobe harbor

The Kobe Tower in the Harbour

The best view can be enjoyed from two places in Kobe. From Mnt. Rokko and from Kobe Harbor. The harbor is the greatest in Japan. We can easily get here if we get of the JR line at Motomachi (元町)station and keep walking straight. It should not take more then 20 minutes.

The best is to arrive here in late afternoon hours and walk up the Kobe Tower. It is open until 9pm.

A pretty building in the Harbor

As soon as it gets dark, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the bay, take an observation wheel ride or have something to eat in Mosaic.

Scenery of the bay with the tower

Probably the most recommended ones are, the Brazilian restaurant on the first floor and the Italian restaurant on the second. Not to mention the all you can eat place next to the Brazilian for 2500 Yen without time limit.