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Buda Castle, that has been built for 6 centuries

Buda Castle is a historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest

The construction of the gothic style Buda Castle was started in the middle of the 14th century. It started to decay from 1541 during the Turkish era. It again suffered serious injuries in 1686 when the Holy League tried to re-conquer Hungary from the Ottoman Empire. It was restored partly in Baroque style, but in the same time it's original style was preserved. Since 1985 there is a gallery a museum and a library in Buda Castle.

The most glorious era of the castle was definitely during the rule of Matthias Corvinus. Although it has not been expanded that time, but it has been enriched and rebuilt several times. The Renaissance, that was born in Italy was first applied here and then moved over to North-Europe towards Prague and Krakow. That was mostly due to the fact that Matthias married the daughter of the Napoli king and she could bring many architects and designers from Italy. That was the time when his world-wide famous Bibliotheca Corviniana library was established. The royal court was not only for arts, but it was a vivid place for sciences. There were many scientists, astronomer and historians in the court.

Nice Hungarian style paintings on the wall of Buda Castle

Unfortunately during the Battle of Buda against the Turkish army the whole Castle was almost destroyed due to gunpowder explosions. Heavy reconstructions started around 1896 soon after the Turkish army left the country. The constructions were carried out according to Miklós Ybl and Alajos Hauszmann's plan and the Castle regained it's final state in 1905. There were more the 1000 luxury living units in the Castle that time, such as:

  • Rococo style room in the Maria Theresa wing
  • 304 meter long dance hall
  • buffet hall
  • Habsburg room
  • Castle Curch

View to Pest and the Danube river from the Buda Castle

It was the living residency of Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya ( Hungarian: Vitéz nagybányai Horthy Miklós ), Hungarian admiral after the first world war. Unfortunately it suffered serious damages in the 2nd world war. This was mainly because the escaping German troops' last position was here. Moreover even that the bombings were over, the Castle was still on fire for a couple of days and the Castle Church was completely destroyed. The reconstructions started in 1960, but partly due to the low budget and partly due to modern requirements many elements of the old Castle has never been restored. The Castle host many popular events these days, such as for example wine festivals and so on. There are couple of hundreds of tourists visiting the attraction every year.