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After 21 years of renovation it is finally ready

Don't miss the Parliament when you are in Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament is one of the most famous spot in Budapest. It is the home of the Hungarian National Assembly. The building itself is located in the V. district on the bank of Danube.

The renovation of the side that faces the Danube was completed after 21 years in September, 2009. The Hungarian National Assembly in 1880 has decided that it needs a permanent building to operate. There were a few architects in 1881 applying for the job. Finally Imre Steindl was given the project.

There were at least one thousand people working on the constructions

He's plan mixed Gothic Revival architecture, Baroque elements and Eclecticism. Imre Steindl ‘s master was an architect from Austria called, Friedrich von Schmidt, who made a huge impact on him. The Austrian architect has designed a cathedral in Vienna that's roof was built in Gothic Revival architecture style. The Hungarian Parliament has similar characteristics and eventually the building has became a symbol of the country. The Hungary and National Assembly celebrated the 1000 year anniversary of the country in June 8, 1896 in the Parliament by holding a meeting in the building that was being built that time. The constructions had only one condition, namely that it was only allowed to use domestic materials. The 8, 6 m tall marble pillars that were brought from Sweden are exceptions. The construction started in 1885 and finished in 1904, but unfortunately the designer passed and couldn't see the completed building. There's been approximately 1000 people working on it. The building itself is 268 m long 123 m wide and 96 m tall. The most remarkable part of the building is it's dome. The Parliament has 27 gates, 29 staircases and 13 elevators. There are more than 200 offices inside. In addition there are 90 statues on the outer and 152 on the inner walls. The 22-23 carat gold that has been used to decorate the building weighs approximately 40 kg.

There has been approximately 40 kg of gold used for decoration

According to the first law of 2000 the holy crown of Hungary and the rest of the insignia is displayed in the Parliament. The crown could be seen in the national Museum previously, but as the law says the Parliament is the most appropriate place where the crown should be displayed. The Parliament of Hungary is the second biggest parliament in Europe and the third in the world, which cost 38 million Austro-Hungarian krone to build.