Who is writing Hokyao? - introduction

I have started to create my blog in October 2015 . This time I was an exchange student in Japan and I felt like I already have a lot of pictures taken and a lot of stories to share with the world.

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My experiences and the source of Hokyao - Check out my blog

I have been to most of the east or southern eastern Asian countries and have quite a lot of experiences that I thought might be useful to note down and save it for the future. I can speak four languages including Hungarian English Chinese and Japanese and gradually I have made the multi-language blog called “hokyao". In my opinion there is only a limited information accessible on the Internet about countries such as Japan or China but in the same time I feel like these countries are very interesting for the newcomers and somebody might find it interesting to read a little bit about the east side of the world. I am aiming to describe the culture by writing blog articles in details as much as possible starting from its cuisine mentioning the weather, transportation and economical situation as well.

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And at last but not least - inquires

If you have any kind of comments or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here and send an email. In case you would like to inquire about my marketing offers you can also send me a message on this link and we can talk about the details . Since my blog is available in four languages I can reach couple of thousands of visitors per month and in the busy periods my blog can reach up to 10,000 or more page views in a month.

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Partners -check out Hungary Real Estate

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